When does a Pediatric Dentist in Socorro TX Suggest the Use of Braces

A bright smile can lift up a child’s confidence, but not everyone is blessed with a nice smile. Children suffer from various orthodontic problems that have a negative impact on the child’s confidence and overall health. Therefore parents should be able to identify the orthodontic problems at an early stage and consult a pediatric dentist in Socorro TX immediately. The dentist would check the overall condition of the mouth and suggest an appropriate treatment. He/ she might also suggest the use of braces depending upon the type of problem your child is suffering from.

The pediatric dentist might suggest using braces in El Paso if your child is suffering from one of the following conditions:


It often happens that the teeth grow too close to each other leaving little or no space between each other. Crowding results in teeth becoming crooked and it also makes cleaning very difficult. Crowding becomes even worse as the child grows. Therefore it must be treated as soon as possible. The common problems that arise due to crowding include plaque accumulation, tooth decay, gum diseases, bad odor and other similar problems.

Overbite and Underbite

Overbite refers to the condition when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. This caused due to the misalignment of the jaws. Almost 70 percent children suffer from overbites. Overbites can be a genetic disorder or arise due to certain habits such as thumb-sucking, etc. Underbite is just the opposite of overbite; the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.

Other common orthodontic problems for which braces might be suggested are crossbite and open bite.

Some more things that you need to know about braces in El Paso are:

  • The right time to put on braces: The ideal age for placement of braces is considered to be between 10 and 14 years.

  • What type of braces is suitable for your child: Braces are available in a wide variety of choices such as traditional wire braces, ceramic braces, invisible and removable braces, and a lot more. So you need to choose one depending upon your child needs.

  • How long the braces should be worn: Though the period for which the braces need to be worn varies depending upon the type of treatment, the usual time varies between 18 and 30 months.

To ensure the best outcome, you should choose the right Pediatric Dentist in Socorro TX. An experienced and reputable dentist would ensure the least discomfort when setting the braces and guarantee the best outcomes. If you find any problem with your child’s oral health, consult a doctor immediately. The first consultation is often provided free of cost, so it won’t hurt to see a doctor.

The earlier you start treating your child’s orthodontic problems; the better will be the result. Hence parents must make sure their children get their mouth checked every six months, so that in case there is any problem, the family general dentist can suggest a treatment or refer them to a specialist. Improve your child’s smile and see him/ her become even more confident.


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