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Thank you for showing your confidence in us through the referral of your friends! CHILDREN’S DENTAL CARE ​​State-of-the-art preventive care and cleanings Expert care for special needs children Nitrous oxide and sedation available for nervous patients New, state-of-the-art equipment Extensive experience with the best restorations for children Habit appliances and early orthodontic assessment Oral hygiene education ​PATIENT COMFORT Friendly, highly trained, experienced staff We have 9 pediatric dentists to serve you Parents are welcome to accompany their child during exam and cleanings Open bays to view your child during treatment YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE IT HERE Noah’s Ark-Themed office, specially designed for kids Video games, animals, and rewards Ice cream after restorations Don’t you wish it were this fun at your dentist? ​PARENTS ONLY WAITING ROOM Coffee bar Computer Sign-In Kiosks Designed for comfort AT WHAT AGE SHOULD MY CHILD SEE THE DENTIST? We strongly urge parents to bri


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