5 Advantages Of Dental Braces In El Paso And Socorro

Kids seldom want to visit a dentist or a specialist who tries to improve their oral health and teeth structure. The scenario is not any different for adults either who hate to have a stranger pry into their open mouth. Unfortunately, it becomes imperative to make an appointment with the best orthodontist in El Paso and Anthony TX at times.

Sure, a dental professional can treat the tooth ache or even conduct a minor surgery in order to correct the teeth. However, non-invasive procedures are usually preferable when it involves a young child who needs to have his / her teeth straightened or an overbite / under bite corrected. Most tooth professionals recommend dental braces in El Paso and Socorro and elsewhere. Using braces to correct the facial appearance along with repositioning of the jaws is being preferred by a number of adults as well in the recent years.

Being able to say cheese with joy is truly a blessing thanks to the braces that work silently in the background. Fortunately the benefits of wearing such external appliances on a set of teeth are not confined to the visible effects of fixing the position of the teeth though. There are varied reasons for choosing braces through the years 15 to 45.

Additional Benefits of Braces

  1. Health– Braces do have a powerful impact on the oral health as the straightened teeth reduce the possibility of forming cavities or plaques in between the teeth. It also lessens food being stuck to the teeth. This helps in avoiding bacterial infections thus improving the oral health considerably.

  2. Gum Diseases– The risk for developing gum diseases decreases sharply when the teeth attain perfect setting via the use of braces. The crooked teeth tend to impinge on certain areas of the gums causing irritation that may also lead to injury and infection, if ignored. The newly straightened teeth will not put undue pressure on the gums at all thereby keeping them healthy.

  3. Painful Jaws– An improperly aligned jaw can put a lot of strain on the joints as well as the muscles and teeth attached to it. This results in severe pain and headache during eating food and even while lying down. With braces the jaws get to be properly aligned making the pain and discomfort disappear forever.

  4. Descent of Teeth – Sure, the baby teeth make way in time to be replaced with permanent teeth. Sadly, the process is not a smooth one as a few of the teeth may fail to drop into place leaving a particular area of the gums bare. Braces can be utilized to slowly ease them into position without any harm to the concerned individual. While this is not a traditional procedure but a form of treatment that can be incorporated together with teeth straightening with the aid of braces.

  5. Spacing –Orthodontists usually pull out one or two teeth in order to reduce crowding of teeth before fitting the patient with braces so that there is enough space created in the mouth for proper alignment of teeth.

It is mandatory to visit an experienced orthodontist first in order to learn more about the condition as well as the treatments available with or without the aid of braces.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Pediatric Dentist in Horizon City

Parents need to take care of their child’s teeth from a very young age. This means they take their children to the dentist regularly. However, instead of taking their children to general dentists, parents must consider visiting a pediatric dentist in Horizon City. Pediatric dentists are specialized to take care of the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. However, most parents do not invest a lot of time finding a good pediatric dentist for their children, the result – their children suffer from several oral problems.

When choosing a pediatric dentist, you must avoid the following mistakes to ensure the best oral care for children.

Not Considering the Child’s Comfort Factor

When choosing a dentist Fort Bliss and Anthony TX for their child, most parents consider the reputation, experience and qualification of the dentist. While considering these factors are important, they also need to see how comfortable their children are with the dentist. This is because children need to visit the dentist regularly and if they are not comfortable they might not be able to discuss their problems freely. It is best to choose a dentist with whom both the parents and children can communicate freely.

Choosing a Dentist Located Far Away

When looking for pediatric dentists, parents must look for ones who are located close to where they live. This is because they need to take their children for regular visits and make sure the dentist is available during emergencies. If parents choose a dentist located far away, they might regret their choice later since there would be high chances that they miss their appointments or would be unable to access the dentist in case of emergencies. So parents must make sure the dentist’s office is located close to their living place.

Not Researching the Dentist

This is one of the biggest mistakes parents make when choosing a pediatric dentist. Parents often take recommendations from other parents when it comes to choosing a dentist for their children. While it is perfectly alright to recommendation, they must remember that a dentist who is suitable for one child may not be suitable for the other. So parents must do an in-depth research about the pediatric dentists and then decide whether or not to choose him/ her. This means they need to talk to the dentist, discuss their child’s problems and look at the reputation before taking their children for an official visit.

Not Considering Insurance

When looking for a dentist, parents must also consider the financial aspect. If you have a dental insurance, there would be a number of dentists enlisted on the panel. If you find a good doctor among them, you will be eligible to get a reimbursement. However, not all dentists listed by the insurance company are good, so you need to talk with the insurance company whether they would allow you to visit a doctor who is not enlisted with them.

By making the above considerations, parents can ensure the best dental care for their children and have peace of mind.

Consult a kids dentist in Horizon City and El Paso TX for your kid’s dental health

You might already know about the significance of maintaining good oral health. You perhaps know the fundamentals of oral health like brushing your teeth twice a day, floss regularly; avoid sugary snacks and so on. But this is not enough. Dentistry, like other branches of medicine, is making advances by every passing day. Dental health professionals and orthodontist in El Paso and Socorro TX are continually learning new things about our dental health and inventing new ways to protect, heal and take care of teeth and gums.

Here are some less-known things that help to improve your oral health to a great extent.

  • Practice the basics – Even if you follow all the healthy tips for better oral health, they won’t do much unless you practice the basics – brushing and flossing twice a day. You should also avoid all the bad habits that can eventually damage your teeth.

  • Give the tongue attention – Bacteria and plaque often gather on, under and around the tongue. So clean the tongue surface daily – with a tongue cleaner or just with the toothbrush. This would help preventing bad breath.

  • Get a new angle – While brushing the teeth, the position of the toothbrush bristles matters. The head of the bristles should be at 45-degree angle near gum line and when you clean inside surface of the teeth.

  • Give your teeth protection – Sports are definitely good for your body. But they often provide chances to bumps, bangs and crashes. And so most school teams, nowadays, require students wearing mouth guards while playing (particularly rougher sports) to protect their teeth. Therefore, it would be a great idea to get yourself one for any kind of recreational activities. This is even more required for sports such as rock climbing, skateboarding or simply hitting the ball against a wall as they all can have potential threat to the teeth.

  • Use fluoride effectively – Usually everybody uses toothpaste with fluoride and thus you. But you might not be getting proper benefits as you rinse your mouth with mouthwash right after brushing. Mouthwash rinses away fluoride before it gets a chance to effectively work. So wait for at least 15 minutes to let the fluoride work on the tooth enamel.

  • Get more sunlight – This is specifically for getting more vitamin D which you can get from supplements and from exposure to the sun. Apart from calcium, vitamin D also helps keeping teeth and gums stronger.

  • Chew your way – Chewing sugar-free gums after drinking or eating helps to protect your gums and teeth, especially after having sugary snacks. It would be even better to finish your meal followed by a yummy cube of cheese as it helps reducing the effect of acid from food on the teeth.

Besides following the tips, you should see a dentist on a regular interval even if everything is fine. It would help to prevent potential underlying threats, if found early. For your kids, you should see kids dentist in Horizon City and El Paso TX to protect their teeth from potential damage.

Key components of braces in El Paso & Fort Bliss TX

Dental braces or braces or orthodontics cases are used by the orthodontists to align misaligned (overbite or underbite) and/or crooked teeth. Braces in El Paso & Fort Bliss TX often come with wires, bands and other removable or fixed dental corrective appliances.

How braces work

Braces typically work by applying constant pressure over a longer period of time to gradually but slowly move your teeth in a particular direction. As the teeth moves, the jaw bones change shape owing to the pressure applied.

Components of dental braces

  • Brackets – These are small squares bonded directly to the front of your teeth with a dental bonding agent. They can be attached to orthodontic bands as well. Brackets work like handles to hold arch wires which move the teeth. Brackets are usually made of stainless steel. But plastic or tooth-colored ceramic brackets are also available. Brackets are joined to the back of the teeth so they can’t be seen.

  • Orthodontic bands – These are clear or tooth-colored, stainless steel appliances that get cemented to your teeth with some bonding agents. Bands wrap around every tooth and act like an anchor for the brackets. The tooth-colored bands are cosmetically more preferred but costlier than the bands made of stainless steel. Bands are not implanted in every patient; some are treated with brackets only and no band.

  • Spacers – These work as separators. They are typically fit between teeth and create a small place before placement of bands.

  • Arch wires – These wires are attached to the brackets and work as tracks to regulate the teeth movement. Like brackets and braces, they are also available in both stainless steel and tooth-colored ceramic.

  • Buccal tube – This tube positioned on the band of the last tooth helps in holding end of arch wire in proper place.

  • Ties – These are fine wires or small rings made of rubber. They tie arch wire to the brackets.

  • Ligatures – These are very small elastic bands holding arch wires to the dental brackets.

  • Springs – They are usually placed on arch wires to pull, push, open or close (as required) spaces between the teeth.

  • Elastic bands – They are attached to the hooks on the brackets and worn between upper teeth and lower teeth in different ways. They are used to apply pressure and move upper teeth against lower teeth to get an ideal fit for individual teeth.

  • Facebow headgear – This is a wire gadget used to move upper molar teeth back in the mouth to fix bite discrepancies. It is also used to make room for the crowded teeth. Facebow headgear consists of a horseshoe-shaped inner metal part that gets into the mouth and is attached to buccal tubes and an outer part attached to the headgear strap. It goes around the outside of your face.

Apart from the traditional braces, a new option namely mini-braces, which are small than the former ones, can also be implanted. It all depends on your individual choice, need and budget, and top of all, the discretion of your dentist in Socorro & El Paso TX.

Visit Orthodontist in Horizon City and Improve Your Oral Health

If you are planning to have braces, you need to get all your doubts cleared fast. While you might feel comfortable with your regular dentist, you might at times consider visiting orthodontists who are experts in designing and implementing braces. They can walk you through the entire process in a free consultation before you start. Make a point to ask these five important questions prior to deciding if braces are suitable for your needs.

The first thing you need to know is if there is any age restriction. Since children so often wear braces, many believe they are right for adults. However, this is certainly not the case. They are equally suitable for both children and adults. An orthodontist in Horizon City would explain you why braces are suitable for you. Teeth never stop moving and improper alignment can have negative impact on your oral health in general. They will explain how braces can improve a specific condition.

Then what are so special about orthodontic dentists? Is it their qualification that your local dentist in El Paso may not have? The equation is simple. The way a cardiologist is supposed to treat cardiac ailments, podiatrists specialize in foot problems, orthodontist treats improperly aligned teeth and jaw issues every day. Your dentist might deal with cases like this on occasion, but you are better off with a specialist when you want the best treatment.

Check out if the your specific condition is suitable for invisible braces. Invisible braces are great choice for adults for they don’t want to reveal their specific condition to the people around in the slightest way. However, it does not mean hat braces would be recommended to everyone. Metal brackets can be ideal solution in some conditions. Your orthodontist would tell you if there are other options besides your metal. Even if you find the Invisalign method not suitable to your need, you still have choices.

Well, if you are on budget, look for the dental plans that can cover the costs of braces. Paying for braces is a concern to address as dental health plans don’t come with full cost coverage. The expert staff would explain the payment plans, insurance allowances and other issues involved with coverage. Remember, you will have to randomly visit your orthodontist a full year after braces come off. So be sure, you have the resources to do it right.

Are braces a good idea when moving to another area? It is mostly recommended to stay with one specialist throughout the process of aligning your teeth. If you are going to move to a different area, having a person who can handle the braces from start to finish will be the right idea. Sometimes waiting gives you better result than wanting to get the process moving.

Having right kind of braces is the ultimate solution for major issues in teeth alignment and spacing. Get these questions answered during a consultation so you know exactly what’s ahead for your teeth.

When does a Pediatric Dentist in Socorro TX Suggest the Use of Braces

A bright smile can lift up a child’s confidence, but not everyone is blessed with a nice smile. Children suffer from various orthodontic problems that have a negative impact on the child’s confidence and overall health. Therefore parents should be able to identify the orthodontic problems at an early stage and consult a pediatric dentist in Socorro TX immediately. The dentist would check the overall condition of the mouth and suggest an appropriate treatment. He/ she might also suggest the use of braces depending upon the type of problem your child is suffering from.

The pediatric dentist might suggest using braces in El Paso if your child is suffering from one of the following conditions:


It often happens that the teeth grow too close to each other leaving little or no space between each other. Crowding results in teeth becoming crooked and it also makes cleaning very difficult. Crowding becomes even worse as the child grows. Therefore it must be treated as soon as possible. The common problems that arise due to crowding include plaque accumulation, tooth decay, gum diseases, bad odor and other similar problems.

Overbite and Underbite

Overbite refers to the condition when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. This caused due to the misalignment of the jaws. Almost 70 percent children suffer from overbites. Overbites can be a genetic disorder or arise due to certain habits such as thumb-sucking, etc. Underbite is just the opposite of overbite; the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.

Other common orthodontic problems for which braces might be suggested are crossbite and open bite.

Some more things that you need to know about braces in El Paso are:

  • The right time to put on braces: The ideal age for placement of braces is considered to be between 10 and 14 years.

  • What type of braces is suitable for your child: Braces are available in a wide variety of choices such as traditional wire braces, ceramic braces, invisible and removable braces, and a lot more. So you need to choose one depending upon your child needs.

  • How long the braces should be worn: Though the period for which the braces need to be worn varies depending upon the type of treatment, the usual time varies between 18 and 30 months.

To ensure the best outcome, you should choose the right Pediatric Dentist in Socorro TX. An experienced and reputable dentist would ensure the least discomfort when setting the braces and guarantee the best outcomes. If you find any problem with your child’s oral health, consult a doctor immediately. The first consultation is often provided free of cost, so it won’t hurt to see a doctor.

The earlier you start treating your child’s orthodontic problems; the better will be the result. Hence parents must make sure their children get their mouth checked every six months, so that in case there is any problem, the family general dentist can suggest a treatment or refer them to a specialist. Improve your child’s smile and see him/ her become even more confident.

Why Braces for Teeth in El Paso is Must for Kids Who Have Distorted Formation?

Parents are keen about developing the best habits in their children. That is why they must go through a disciplined routine. One such important hygiene being the oral and dental health care. Since this habit is to be inculcated right from a tender age, the kids must be taught right from infancy. Dental problems have varieties of adverse effects on heath and if ignored might be long lasting in future. It is very tough for the new parents to ascertain which is the right age for the kids to have dental problems, and when should they make their first visit to the children’s dentist in Sunland Park TX. So some elementary steps followed on behalf of the patients might help them do away with threats posed to the children.

Generally, after having meals, the food particles get stuck in between the teeth. Since the roots of the teeth are not strong enough for the kids, and there’s sufficient amount of gap in between, chances of food particles getting stuck increases, and that might lead to the formation of bacteria, acid or any infection in the kid’s mouth. The acid secreted in the enamel might result in corroding and creating dents within known as cavities.

The behaviors and habits upon which they are based, are derived from the lifestyle and attitude towards life, which in turn comes from awareness and knowledge. This begins with parents and families and their perception of leading a healthy life. There are many reasons why having a fresh breath is considered to have a healthy oral hygiene. From a scientific perspective, there’s just one primary reason regular brush and floss the teeth, and that is to remove the film of bacteria that gets collected along the gum line. If this thin line of bacteria is removed on a daily basis, it promises to contribute dental health more than anything else.

Often people are concerned about changing their habits since it takes a lot of time and determination to do so. Unlike the rest of the habits, having a healthy oral hygiene and developing it is much easier to instill. All that one need to do is identify the bad habits and eradicate them from the daily routine. Since all the children come up with permanent teeth at a certain age, that according to the experts is the right time to start visiting the dentists at a regular interval.

Since the shape of teeth for all the kids might not be uniform, they are often suggested to wear the braces that would help them avoid irregular growths. The parents need to keep a complete kit ready to carry at all places. For those who might be worried about finding the right place to look for these braces for teeth in El Paso, The Dental Ark might be a favorable solution for them. Apart from this, what the child eats during infancy has a profound consequence on the health of the teeth when they grow up. So sooner the healthy habits are grown, the better the life they lead.